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Sit&Go Master

Broker: MFX Broker      Other MFX Broker bonuses (-1)      Duration: Every 3 hours      Status: Removed      Type: Demo Contests

Sit&Go Master is another demo challenge from MFX Broker. Ten traders are trading for 3 hours against each other. The participation cost is $33. Every trader starts with the same $5,000 demo account balance.

Top 5 traders get rewarded with real money ($300 prize fund):

  1. $100
  2. $70
  3. $60
  4. $40
  5. $30

Notice that the prize for the 5th place is not enough to compensate the money spent on participation in this challenge.

The prizes for this demo trading competition can be freely withdrawn without any limitations.


You decide to win in the next Sit&Go Master competition. After you register, $33 fee is charged from your live account. You start trading against 9 other traders. By the end of the three hours, you earn enough profit to get to the 3rd place among 10 participants. You get $60 bonus, which means that your total gain from this short-term championship is $27 ($60 — $33).

Special conditions
  • Expert advisors are forbidden during the contest.
  • A client should be certified by MFX Broker to be able to participate.
  • A trader should open at least one position during the contest to become eligible for any prize.
  • The contest will not be held if there are less than 10 participants registered.
  • Leverage is set to 1:500, stop-out level is 20%.
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