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RoboForex Tradable Protection

Broker: RoboForex      Other RoboForex bonuses (4)      Duration: Indefinite      Status: Active      Type: Deposit Bonuses

Up to 60% tradable protection is available for your trading account. The funds are used as additional margin when a floating drawdown reaches critical levels. With this bonus, your balance will be able to sustain large adversary movements in the Forex market. Deposit up to $300 to get 25% tradable protection or $300 and more to get 60% protection.


You deposit $1,000 to your Fix-Standard account with RoboForex and receive a 60% protection bonus. $600 is available as extra airbag margin in your account, which allows you to survive bigger drawdowns.

Special conditions

RoboForex reserves the right to cancel any bonus at any time without prior notification.

Tradable protection cannot be combined with other promotions by RoboForex.

ECN accounts cannot participate.

The maximum extra protection amount per one trading account is $3,000. The total maximum extra protection amount for one client is $6,000.

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Prabhu Kameswaran 2011-09-27 06:25:00
No Slippage. Order of execution is fast. Got my bonus of 15$ by running the verify_script on the metatrader4 afer verifying my photoid on their website. Their live support service is good. Their website contain the contact information like address and phone number.
kho 2011-08-19 01:44:55
Scam bonus promotion. They will cancel your bonus after first trade without any reason.
maruf 2011-01-03 23:29:46
really a great deposit bonus offer from RoboForex.Its the perfect time for practice trader to start real trade by making their first deposit and start their Forex trade with some extra bonus.However its a great deal for old traders too.But as usual,each bonus has a tricky part too.You can't withdraw your bonus+profit within 25 days! so think twice and if this is ok for you then go for it.
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