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Special Bonus Offer from Forex4you

Broker: Forex4you      Other Forex4you bonuses (0)      Duration: Indefinite      Status: Active      Type: Deposit Bonuses

This Forex bonus offer is a combined deposit and trading bonus. Forex4you will give you up to 25% (you decide) on top of your deposit and you will be able to use this money for trading. During three months you will have to trade enough amount of lots for the total combined spread from all your positions multiplied by 0.175 to be not less than the bonus amount. In this case you keep your bonus and can withdraw it freely, otherwise the bonus is deducted from your trading account.

You'll be able to track your progress of the bonus condition fulfillment in your trader's cabinet.


You deposit $5,000 to your trading account at Forex4you via WebMoney. You decide to get 20% bonus, which is $1,000 for your deposit amount. During the next two months you trade about 286 standard lots, which results in enough spreads (considering 2 pips spread and $10 value per pip) to cover your bonus amount. Now you can withdraw your bonus freely.

Special conditions

You may have no more than 1 active bonus on your accounts at the same time. But you can have up to 4 pending bonuses (if you make more than one deposit).

Pro STP accounts are not admissible for this bonus.

Forex4you reserves the right to refuse giving this bonus to anyone without giving any specific reasons.

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