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Free Devices from InstaForex

Broker: InstaForex      Other InstaForex bonuses (13)      Duration: Indefinite      Status: Active      Type: Drawings

Participate in this bi-weekly drawing to win one of the four mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, Blackberry Phone or Samsung Galaxy Tab. During the next 6 month there will be 3 drawing cycles, with each cycle consisting of 4 drawings. Each drawing will determine the winner of one mobile device from InstaForex.

To get a chance to win a free device, a trader must deposit at least $500 into his or her real trading account.

The winner is determined every two weeks using the last digits in the quotes of the following currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF and USD/CAD. The account with the ending 5 digits of the number coinciding with the winning number is declared a winner of the mobile device.

The trader may choose to have the prize delivered physically or to receive the monetary compensation into a real trading account with InstaForex. The money from that account can't be withdrawn, but the profit is freely withdrawable.

One can deposit $500 or more into several accounts to increase the probability of winning.


You deposit $500 into your trading account number 45122 and register it for the drawing. On February 8th, at 23:59 (server time) the 5 currency pairs show the following quotes:

  • EUR/USD — 1.2344
  • GBP/USD — 1.4515
  • USD/JPY — 79.11
  • USD/CHF — 90.12
  • USD/CAD — 1.0192

This means that your account is qualified as a winning one and you get the prize from InstaForex. For example, the iPhone.

Special conditions

If more than one account has a number with the last digits coinciding with the winning number, the one with the biggest deposit will be awarded.

If there is no participating account ending with the winning number, the previous or the next participating account is awarded, depending on the size of the deposit.

You may withdraw a part of your deposit during the course of the drawing, but your deposits + your profit — your withdrawals should be at least $500.

One can register up to 100 participating accounts for this contest.

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