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$1,000,000 for the Best PAMM Managers

Broker: AMarkets      Other AMarkets bonuses (3)      Duration: Monthly      Status: Removed      Type: Real Contests

Show outstanding trading performance in PAMM accounts and receive up to $50,000 from AMarkets in funds under management and $1,000 to your personal funds.

Every month, 3 best PAMM managers are determined by the company. They are awarded with the bonus funds using this scheme:

1st place — investment of 10 times the personal funds + $1,000 to manager's personal funds.

2nd place — investment of 7 times the personal funds + $1,000 to manager's personal funds.

3rd place — investment of 5 times the personal funds + $1,000 to manager's personal funds.

The maximum drawdown should not exceed 30% during the month to qualify for the bonus. At least 10% profit and 7 days of activity is required to qualify for it.


You decide to participate in the Best PAMM Managers bonus. You verify your account, and start a PAMM with $4,000 of your own funds. During the month, you trade actively and make 20% profit with low drawdown, which qualifies you for the 2nd place in the monthly rating of the PAMM managers.

AMarkets gives you additional $28,000 funds to manage and grants you $1,000 to personal funds under management.

Special conditions

You have to pass the verification process to participate.

The bonus can only be awarded once per manager.

The bonus will function until the $1,000,000 investment fund is spent.

The manager receives 20% profit from managing the invested funds.

The guaranteed period of investment is 3 months.

Should the drawdown exceed 30% during investment period, the investment is withdrawn.

The company reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time.

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