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Leverage 1:700, 1:888, 1:1000

Broker: RoboForex      Other RoboForex bonuses (4)      Duration: Indefinite      Status: Active      Type: Special Bonuses

Increase your leverage from the maximum of 1:500 to 1:700, 1:888 or 1:1000. You can open more trades using the higher leverage. It may also help to increase your available margin if you already have some open positions, which are taking up a lot of funds. Of course, you should be careful with higher leverage as it magnifies your losses too!

RoboForex offers an opportunity to choose an increased leverage on MT4 accounts for the period from March 30 through May 1. Update from April 30, 2015: RoboForex decided to make the term of this promotion indefinite. It will not end on May 1. You decide the size of the increased leverage.

New customers and registered traders may participate in this bonus offer.


You are trading with RoboForex with 1:500 leverage and you have $1,500 of your total $2,000 balance taken up by the currently open positions. You decide to apply for the increased leverage and switch to 1:1000. Now you have $750 more free margin available to open new trades and to sustain loss in case of an adverse market movement.

Special conditions

Only MetaTrader4 (MT4) Fix-Cent, Fix-Standard, Pro-Cent, and Pro-Standard accounts can participate. ContestFX accounts cannot use this leverage bonus.

The bonus leverage only works for accounts with equity less than $2,000. If equity goes above that value, the leverage is decreased to 1:500.

The leverage is decreased to 1:500 automatically each Friday from 23:00 EET till 1:00 EET Saturday. The leverage is also automatically restored following that period.

When the term of the offer ends in May, the maximum 1:500 leverage will be restored on all participating accounts.

RoboForex will notify of any changes connected to this promotions.

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