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Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
Overall, I have had a good experience with InstaForex, and for me I believe anyone regarding InstaForex as a scam is a newbie who does not know anything about Forex trading. I have always found the deposits and withdrawal of my funds to be prompt. I have made withdrawals total of $5800 and I have received the checks in a timely fashion. Most often I trade EUR/USD which is usually 1-3 pips, which has really helped me to win more profits. I highly recommend InstaForex and I hope they don't start disrupting their platforms just like some brokers I have used in the past.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
They provide amazing trading terms. I now have a total of four trading accounts with instaforex and have used all of their bonuses. Two of my accounts are personal, and the other two are investment accounts. If you're an investor, you should definitely take advantage of the pamm system. It shows a detailed trader statistic and commissions.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
Chou Trieu
In my opinion, Instaforex is the best broker for me as well as in Asia. Firstly, the best on my mind is the size of leverage. I don't care another traders think about this, but for me, it's really useful instrument. I'm newbie and it's convenient for me with 1:1000. If you have a not big deposit, you will have chance to open a deal for increasing maximum 2000 time. And you will be able to trade with big lots. Additionally, Instaforex has execution, no requotes and fast deposit and withdrawal. They also gave me 20$ as a No Deposit Bonus. The staff always answer my queries immediately, they are really helpful. Also, Instaforex will give their clients the ability to see for the analytics of 10 currency pairs. It's really great! I was waiting it, that's true. Thus, Instaforex has defects. Generally, I like Instaforex and I am going to continue to work with them in future.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
I started forex trading 2 years back but I have joined InstaForex one week ago. Actually, the main purpose was taking their Christmas Bonus offer. Recently I got promo that they increased their deposit bonus 30% to 40% and 55% to 65%. Initially I was worried about InstaForex but I made a deposit of $500 dollar and apply for the 40% deposit bonus. Surprisingly they credit my bonus instantly. I am very impressed with their commitment. I have open more than 30 trades and never get any requotes or error message. The customer service was polite. I will continue to use InstaForex until I find something better.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
The most pleasant thing is when we can choose the right broker, broker who can give direction to become a novice trader and the broker can help find good trading strategy. Brokers who can do it all is instaforex. Instaforex can help determine strartegi trading well by providing a video tutorial that provides training courses for beginners from instaforex. With the video we will get a lot of material regarding the analysis very useful for traders. In the video tutorial also contained the privilege of trading with forex and get information about bonuses or benefits that will be provided by instaforex.
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