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Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
tofazzal mia
I have traded with Instaforex brokers in a Micro account, I am starting with $100 and get 55% welcome bonus successfully. I am so happy and excited to get this bonus money in my live account. Which is an opportunity in the market, while I am a new trader and I haven't the ability for a big deposit right now. I say the on MT4 platform order execution is perfect and their spread is fixed too. Besides I've seen a unique PAMM service, where I will get commission after PAMM traders traded with my balance, so I think it could improve my trading skill too. I am satisfied o9n the platform and it is reliable.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
Montu Zaman
I've got successfully 55% wellcome bonus from Instaforex. I've made $400 invest and received $220 welcome bonus instantly. Besides I've seen a secret of success is their Platform. Which is unique PAMM service in the market. As a beginner, I have lost many trades. But now I got profit commission from PAMM traders, while I also tried to improve my trading after seeing video on their website and youtube channel. Really the platform is very reliable.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
I opened an account with Insta after a relative of mine recommended about this broker. I started trading with their $500 startup bonus as test purpose and notice they have very and tight spreads on major pair. Even I execute several trade on high volatility market but they spread did not increase. their not exceed more than 3 pips. Last month I have deposited $300 in same account and started trading regularly. I can’t tell nothing bad about this broker.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
Instaforex still remain an excellent broker to me. Solid executions, very tight spreads. Commissions and overnight swaps could be a bit more competitive though. The support department has been so helpful, I click the live chat button and seconds after, there is a chat representative ready to help and they have always been very friendly. I had an issue once I deposited by mistake from my credit card much more that I wanted to, I asked for a refund and it was done within 1 day, I haven't experienced this kind of action from other brokers
Welcome Bonus from AMarkets
One of the best brokers for me is Amarkets, deposit in real time and withdrawal even your full investment plus plus profit with in 1 day, if u use their ecn account, u will get spread from zero, no re-quote in their ecn account also... also nice CS. Highly recommend Amarkets for trading!
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