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Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
Till now I have trade with InstaForex. My money is safe and I’m sure it is the best broker. Speaking from experience, Their platform is super easy to use and spreads are very low. I have learnt a lot of trading experience with their ForexCopy where I can count on pro-traders to get more profits and forex trading knowledge. The number of financial assets at InstaForex available to trade is impressive. If there’s a chance that any given instrument is not on their list, you can ask for it and it will be added.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
I have to say that my 3 years experience with InstaForex has been good. I use their MT4 plugin Superior Forex Desk, which really helps me manage my trades to be more efficient and less time-consuming. In one account I can trade on their fixed spread 2 pips for EUR/USD or on L2 for orders greater than 10000. I am so happy with InstaForex.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
I'm trading with InstaForex for over a 7 months now. I started with a demo account and then went right to real money trades. From my experience and compared with other brokers, this is a very trusted broker that didn't gave me hard time on withdrawing the profits I made and those were more than 13K profit.
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
I've been using them for a while now. I have had some setbacks with a few of my accounts, poor trading decisions, totally my fault. This broker has shown no signs of being fraudulent in my opinion. They are quick to respond to any questions or requests. I think what instaforex is, they are very unique in that they are actually running a brokerage that is not set up to take advantage of traders. I've got my practice in now, I did a $48,000 plus demo day during/around Brexit. Have about 5 demo accounts, all profitable. I'm about to refund my account, The part of my test was to make a withdrawal. I made the request, it was approved and processed within hours. WAY better than any broker. The wire transfer hit my account in 2 days total. yeah I'm bringing it all the way back from $18. $500 deposit to $18, totally mine and my partners fault (trading buddy learning together). The broker had NOTHING to do with my losses, never a requote. I really can't report anything negative about them at all
Welcome Bonus from InstaForex
I have an account with this company and I am very pleased because they have started to really turn things around with the service problems in the past. Instaforex service provides Forex calculators with real time prices and access to various technical indicators of the market . The 1 to 1000 leverage is the best in the industry, and 13.0% interest on account balance is the best in the industry. The company says they are best Forex broker in Asia. I agree with them whole heartedly.
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