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FX Rodeo

Broker: MFX Broker      Other MFX Broker bonuses (-1)      Duration: Every Thursday      Status: Removed      Type: Demo Contests

MFX broker offers a chance to participate in a day-long demo competition held every week starting July 11th.

The contest starts at 10:00 (GMT+4) on Thursday and lasts till 10:00 (GMT+4) on Friday.

Each participant starts with $5,000 account, 1:200 leverage and 0% stop-out level. Traders may open any number of orders of any size (if the margin requirement is fulfilled). They cannot use expert advisors.

The winners are determined by arranging demo accounts by the biggest profit. The prizes are the following:

  • 1st place — $1,000
  • 2nd place — $500
  • 3rd place — $300
  • From 4th to 10th place — $100

The awarded money is transferred to a special prize real account and can only be used for making profit. It cannot be withdrawn. After one months, the profit is transferred to your MFX Wallet and can be withdrawn without restrictions.


You register for the contest in time. At the beginning of the round you start with $5,000 demo account. Trading actively during 24 hours results in $58,991.20 profit. The result qualifies you for the 2nd place. You receive $500 as a prize, which is added as a credit to your live trading account with MFX Broker.

You now start using that balance to earn real Forex profit during one month. After the term's end your resulting balance is $840.15. The account is deleted, but $340.15 is transferred to your MFX Wallet. You can now withdraw it.

Special conditions

All positions and pending orders should be closed before the end of the contest end. Failing to comply with this condition leads to disqualification of the trader.

Registration for the contest closes one hour before the start (10:00 Thursday).

Expert advisors are forbidden during the contest.

A trader should open at least one position during the contest to become eligible for any prize.

It is necessary to submit a testimonial to MFX Broker to receive your prize account.

The prize account uses 1:100 leverage.

Participants may not share IP-address with other participants.

Participation of close relatives is forbidden.

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