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Sit&Go Lucky

Broker: MFX Broker      Other MFX Broker bonuses (-1)      Duration: Every 3 hours      Status: Removed      Type: Affiliate Bonuses

With Sit&Go Lucky demo challenge from MFX Broker, you get the chance to win some prize irrespective of how well you trade. All 5 participating traders get some reward. The challenge lasts 3 hours, and the participation cost is mere $2. Every trader starts with the same $5,000 demo account balance.

All five traders get rewarded with real money ($10 prize fund):

  1. $3
  2. $2.50
  3. $2
  4. $1.25
  5. $1.25

Notice that only top 2 traders get prizes, which are bigger than the participation fee. The third place is a break even position. 4th and 5th places lose $0.75 by participating in this demo contest.

The prizes for this demo trading competition can be freely withdrawn without any limitations.


You register for the upcoming Sit&Go Lucky contest. After you register, $2 fee is written off from your live account. You start trading against 4 other traders. After three hours, you earn enough profit to get to the 1st place. Your Forex bonus of $3, which results in a total reward of $1 if you deduct the fee you paid.

Special conditions
  • Expert advisors are forbidden during the contest.
  • A client should be certified by MFX Broker to be able to participate.
  • A trader should open at least one position during the contest to become eligible for any prize.
  • The contest will not be held if there are less than 5 participants registered.
  • Leverage is set to 1:500, stop-out level is 20%.
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