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Get 30% Bonus on Your First Deposit

Broker: Forex-Metal      Other Forex-Metal bonuses (-1)      Duration: Indefinite      Status: Removed      Type: Deposit Bonuses

You nominate the amount of the bonus!

Deposit $100 and get $130 on your trading account!

Each customer who opens a trading account with Forex-Metal during the period from 1st to 30th of june 2010 will receive a cash bonus for up to 30% of the initial deposit amount (or maximum $3,000).

How does it work

Customers can receive a bonus to their first deposit of up to 30% of the deposit amount; however the maximum dollar value of any bonus cannot exceed $3,000:

  • For deposits of up to $1,000 the bonus amount is 30%.
  • For deposits from $1,001 to $3,000 – maximum $400.
  • For deposits $3,001 and to $6,000 – maximum $600.
  • For deposits $6,001 and to $10,000 – maximum $1,200.
  • For deposits $10,001 and to $15,000 – maximum $2,000.
  • For deposits $15,001 and to $20,000 – maximum $2,500.
  • For deposits above $20,001 – maximum $3,000.


  1. After the deposit is made, before making any trades, the customer nominates the amount of the bonus as described above.
  2. Trading starts from 0.01 lot (equals to $1,000 in USD denominated currency pairs).
  3. 1:200 leverage (only for deposits under $1,000. For deposits over $1,000, 1:100 leverage will apply).
  4. The amount of the bonus together with the customer’s deposit is credited to the trading account.
  5. The amount of the bonus cannot be changed.
  6. Withdrawal conditions:
    1. Funds can be withdrawn from the account at any time, except the amount of the bonus, providing the account does not have any open positions at the time. All open positions must be closed before the funds may be withdrawn.
    2. The amount of the bonus (plus, of course, any profit from trading activity) may be withdrawn providing that the customer has made a number of trades, total amount of which is equal the amount of the bonus divided by 10, within a period of 2 calendar months from the day the bonus is credited into the account. For example, if the bonus was $50, total volume of trades made by the client must be equal to 5 lots. If the bonus was $100 – the volume of trades must be equal to 10 lots.
    3. If any amount is withdrawn from the account before the conditions specified in 7.2 are completed, the bonus amount is automatically canceled.
  7. Only Forex trades are eligible for this bonus offer. For example, if you plan to trade only CFDs, you would not be able to receive the bonus under this offer.


You decide to open an account with Forex-Metal and make your first deposit of $2,500 during the course of this bonus promotion. With your deposit amount you qualify for $400 bonus. Now with $2,900 you can earn more profits while trading Forex. After trading at least 40 standard lots during first 2 months after the bonus is credited to your account you can freely withdraw your bonus too.

Special conditions
  1. Customers from India, China, Indonesia and Vietnam are only eligible for the bonuses if the trading account is loaded by wire transfer.
  2. Bonuses are limited by a maximum $3,000 per customer irrespective of the deposit amount.
  3. If you are caught opening multiple accounts under different names in order to claim the bonus or cheating in some other way, Forex-Metal reserves the right to cancel the bonus and all the profits that have been accumulated as the result of the dishonest conduct.
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Sarah 2010-07-09 21:48:24
Forex Metal tempts people to open accounts with them by providing bonus with no swaps account at the following link, https://forex-metal.com/discount/discount05. I opened account with them on 13th of May 2010, I traded more than 1,500 lots with them up to 25th of May, but only 300 lots calculated to get the bonus (It was not fair to me). Afterwards they rose up 2 pips for my account without any notice, few days later; they gave me the following email: Dear Mrs. Mei Ling Chen, We believe that forex trading is a two-way street: it should be profitable to both parties. We make our money from hedging customers trades through other forex companies or banks. Your trading pattern over the past few days shows that you prefer to hold positions for a short period of time, ripping 5-10 pips profit in most cases. At the same time your friend gets 1 per lot in commission payments. Of course it is your choice how you want to trade, but in such circumstances we cannot keep extra low spreads and make profits from hedging. Besides, our counterpart where we hedge our risks has changed our trading conditions, this prompted us to act. We are re-assessing the situation and if we can offer you something better, we will. Rest assured that we want to keep our customers happy, but at the same time we cannot put our business at greater risk. Regards, Forex-Metal Customer Support 31th/May/2010 I was forced to withdraw my money back; the money not belongs to me alone (two of my friends involve as well). I sent them 100K withdraw request on 25th of May; I shall get the money back at the end of May if Froex- Metal processed it properly. Unfortunately, they made the excuse like: One of our banks has a very strict anti-money laundering procedures for over 25,000 international payments. I asked them to separate into 4 wires, each one 25,000. With the help from PFA, they sent the first wire 25,000 to me on11th of May. But up to now, I have not heard from them regarding the next payments. I still have 75,000 with them. I am suffering a lot from withdrawal and trading experience with forex-metal. There is no way to contact their payments through the telephone. I contact with their live chat twice per day. The answers are the same --- Please email your enquiry to the payments. I am under depression with this withdraw issue. What shall I do if they continually keep me waiting? Shall I report the government department which regulated the forex coms in Panama?
Oganga 2010-05-19 03:57:52
if you haven't yet, check this broker out. They have great trading conditions and unbelievable customer support.